Beware of Blunt Knives

A blunt knife is a dangerous knife.  Blunt or dull knives requires more pressure to cut. This increased pressure plus the inability of the knife to cut into the object increases the likely hood of the knife slipping and cutting a finger or stabbing a hand. 

A good example is cutting tomatoes. If you try to cut a tomato with a dull knife, you will likely end up with the product mushy, torn and squashed. The knife will tear and bruise then slide off the tomato. This is because the knife is unable to 'bite' into the skin to slice. 

If your knife is unable to easily slice into a ripe tomato, you require knife sharpening.

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StaySharp Sydney  are specialists in sharpening all knives and blade types across all brands. We are known for sharpening and some supply for the following:

Professional knives - Victorianox, Global, Chroma, Calphalon, Wusthof, Zwilling, J.A. Henckels, Mercer, Benchmade PrestiEdges, Boker, Clauss, Cold Steel, Core Bamboo, Tamahagne, Rachael Ray, Robert Welch, Dexter-Russell, Dreamfarm, Ergo Chef, Kanetsune, kershaw, Kikuichi Cutlery, etc. 

Cutting tools - Robot Coupe ā€˜Sā€™ blades and vegetable preparation machine cutting tool blades together with other well known brands such as Hallde, Brice, Buffalo, Grange, Anlika and many more.

 'S'  is for Stay Sharp!!

It is extremly important to keep your 'S' blades sharp at all times.

Unlike hand knives, saftey is less of an issue, but using a blunt blade will bruise your product giving it a bitter taste and a shortened shelf life.

Much Like the 'S' blade, a dull blade will bruise your product causing a bitter taste and shorter shelf life. Also, blunt blades will make the machine slice unevenly and put stress on the motor giving the machine a shorter life itself.